As I conduct my semi-annual review, I took some time to review my worldview from 2019. While my belief system has been updated with new knowledge and experiences, I still see some shared values that may help others.

Let’s get straight to it.

The 13 Worldviews

1) If I want to succeed, I have to work as hard as possible.

As my first worldview, I really believed in this statement when I started out in college. I strive for overperformance at work and over-delivery at my product experience because all the top performers around me were the same way.

While a part of me still believes in the value of hard work, I no longer subscribe to the culture of super hard work. The “work hard, get more done” is came from the factory model and no longer applies to the work I am most passionate about. Thanks to my coaches, I renewed my definition of success and began to strategically carve my own path. While I still work relatively hard, this new approach has saved me tons of work and enabled me to unlock a lot of opportunities I couldn’t have imagined a year ago.

2) Everyone has to find their own voice.

I still deeply believe in the power of finding my voice. In this age of information overflow, POV is essential to stand out from the crowd.

While I have experienced the power of my voice in high school Model United Nations conferences, my discovery of my voice really took off when I began to surround myself with peers, mentors, and experiences that I knew would bring the best out of me. Through my daily meditation, writing, and coaching, I learned to be in sync with my dream, wanting, and who I am.

3) The sky is my limit.

My mom instilled this belief in me when I was little. As I overcame each challenge in life, this belief reinforces itself.

4) Hackers can create products that will change the world.

Compared to the previous three statements, this one is much less extreme. As a hackathon enthusiast, I was really into building products that could have great impact. However, “hacker” sounds a bit limiting. A better name may be coding artist, which Chris reserves for himself.

5) There are always two sides: glorious or terrifying. Take your pick.

This belief came from my experiences in startups. This is essentially talking about how every limiting belief can be reframed into an empowering one, which is best illustrated in this post.

6) Form your Board of Supervisors.

In addition to my personal board of supervisors, I now have an online community too. Really love it.

7) Always ask for what you want.

A better name may be: What would I do if I were a dude?

8) Find the underlying mental models of the world.

I no longer believe it is about “finding,” which assumes there is some absolute mental model in the world. Since these mental models are all human constructs derived from personal experiences and wisdom, a better way is to construct them. If you are interested in learning how my mental models work, check out LivingOS University.

9) Liberal arts education should be a core requirement.

100%. I talked a bit more about why here.

10) Learn to invest because that could go a long way.

1000%. I won’t give investment advice in public, but students from LivingOS University can request it.

11) Deliberate rest and reflection sustain life.

I am so glad that I have realized the value of rest last year. I’m still working on it, but this is absolutely a game-changer on my performance. Here’s more on energy management.

12) I am proud of being different.

It takes a lot of courage to be different, and I am glad that I was raised this way. I think the best thing I can do for this world is to be myself and help more people be more of themselves. Reach out if you want some help!

13) Think about the end game.

I am a big advocate for beginning with the end in mind. This has fundamentally changed the way I work, invest, and manage relationships. Once you get clear on the ultimate life values, you can breeze through the noises with a lot of conviction.

Overall, I have changed a bit, but I still share many core values.

If you are interested in my current work and life principles, check out LivingOS University for the best content I’ve created for the world.