Today I’m going to answer a question from the readers:

If you can live your college life again, what would you do differently?

Here are some notes I would give my younger self:


Stop eating these yummy guilty snacks

Exercise every day and eat organic food. Go to bed at 11 PM. Track your biometrics data (sleep, diet, bodyweight).


Stop preparing for coding interviews. Go talk to real people.

Spend more time with people different from you. Be helpful to people. Listen to their stories. Be kind to others and yourself.


Go on lots of dates. That’s how you train your intuitions on finding the good ones. Plus, check out all the great restaurants in San Francisco. 😉

First, learn to love yourself. Once you can properly love yourself, you will have the confidence and security to love others too.


The Wing in Boston

Start building a mental model for the world. Connect your experiences with lessons learned from people, books, and classes.


It’s great to work at Google, but startups are awesome too.

Life is too short for you to be someone else. Stop following the conventional path and start experimenting on your own. Pick something you love doing and figure out ways to monetize it. Communicate your vision to others and recruit people to join your team. This is how you can create great value and do good in the world.

Life is a game. Take it easy!

Write down all your challenges and send a letter to your future self. By the time you receive the letter, you have probably overcome the challenges with resilience. Now be the person who you needed the most when you were younger.

Going forward, I’m going to answer one question each week. If you would like to ask a question, please submit it here.