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After coaching more than 50 folks, I am excited to share the systems that have helped my clients design the life they ABSOLUTELY love. Let me be your guide through this crazy journey! 

👉🏻LivingOS University includes:

  • Career and Entrepreneurship 101
  • Step-by-step real-world strategies to change your mindset, habits, and LIFE!
  • Weekly worksheets, book notes, and action plans
  • Monthly Online Course
  • Monthly Group Coaching + Past Coaching Replays
  • Networking with exclusive members around the world

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👉🏻 We are a nonprofit: All the proceeds of LivingOS University are reinvested back to the community through services, courses, and experiences. In addition to that, all the remaining proceeds will go to support my favorite creators. 

👉🏻30-day money back guarantee: If you are not liking the program for any reason, you can get a full refund. All you have to do is show me the work you have done during the 30 days and why you are choosing to opt-out.


It was a wonderful learning journey with Charlene’s LivingOS. I gained lifehacking tips like habit developing and networking skills through her daily updates. She also customized resources for me to look into for areas I want to improve on. The community I met here are all wonderful people who want to live a happier, productive, and more fulfilled life. I benefit so much from chatting with them online and through group mentoring calls where I can not only get my questions answered but also learn from others’ experiences. I am so glad I ran into LivingOS so I can start living my life in a brand new way.

—Amy, Brown University Class of 2020

Thanks Charlene for offering the help when I started to face more challenging tasks in my work and life. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of the group and have the chance to meet so many inclusive friends from various industries with different specialties. Thanks them for letting me know that I’m not alone in feeling the pressure facing challenges to live a better life and I’m not the only one having self-doubt. Since everything is on the positive track, I have no reason to be too tense about what I’m experiencing and what I’m trying to do.

—Max, Software Engineer @ Google

The most valuable thing about Charlene’s insight is that it leads me to think about ways to systematically organize time-consuming tasks with an effective task management mindset. Charlene always shows her approach to a problem and attaches a bunch of other related resources. I am always enlightened by the content and the way she delivers the information. She never implies the message that her approach is the best way, but uses her own example to lead me on the right track to find the best solution myself instead. I love that she provides the framework and all related resources I need for me to DIY an approach that best fit my needs.

—Lily, Investor @ ZhenFund 真格基金

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